Evolution of Precision Marketing

With the increased reach of internet and dominant usage of search & social media platforms, both marketing  and customers are undergoing a rapid phase of evolution. Emergence of new mediums has provided new set of avenues to marketers which help them in redefining the segmentation, targeting and positioning of marketing campaigns and deliver optimised ROI on the advertising campaigns. Evonix is a Digital Marketing and Web Development company  in Pune which provides complete slew of services to its clients like website development, social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), etc.


Digital marketing helps the brands in reaching out to their target customers in real time. Google is the market leader in search engine domain and millions of people use Google search engine on daily basis to search for desired information via billions of search queries. A marketer can easily harness the power of search engine optimisation  (SEO) to drive organic as well as inorganic traffic to their website.  There is growing demand for SEO services in India as most of the populace is demographically diverse and geographically well spread in India.  Evonix provides complete array of services and solutions to help brands in making best out of search medium for themselves.


Social media has clearly overtaken the traditional mediums like tv and print in terms how much of their leisure time people spend on various platforms. Social media websites and applications like facebook, youtube, twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Snapchat, whatsapp etc are used by everyone to connect with their friends and acquaintances. These social media platforms serve as best medium for brands where they can reach their chosen target audience at the desired time with precise messaging. And all these platforms provide tools to help brands in measuring the effectiveness and performance in real time which leads to optimisation of resources and better utilisation of funds. Evonix is one the most innovative companies which provide Social Media Marketing services in Pune.


Mobile has increasingly become indispensable part of our day to day lives and it helps all of us immensely in our regular official and personal activities. Smartphones exploit the potential of mobile applications which can be downloaded and installed on them and practically every brand worth its salt has a mobile application available on leading mobile OS platforms like Apple iOS and Android. Mobile app development in India is growing as frantic pace and this has led to increase in demand of app development companies who can create top quality mobile applications for brands, govt organisations, utility providers, celebrities and many more.


Evonix is a digital marketing company is India which is based out of Pune. They combine the power of design and technology to help brands as well as organizations in reaching out to their target audience with the help of websites, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, and mobile applications. They also develop and deploy enterprise solutions for growing organizations. Evonix boasts an impressive list of clientele which includes Symbiosis International University, Cummins, Thomson Press, etc.


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