Axis India is one of the first exporters of Electrical Hardware from India. The company has created a niche amongst quality-minded Electrical Utilities, Contractors, Distributors & Equipment Manufacturers. Axis promotes product innovation through software & service solutions in Lightning Protection, IoT solutions for efficient distribution networks, and products that comply with the latest international standards.


The Project:

    • Elpro Axis India software is a step by step guide to plan and execute 360 degree lightning protection design.

    • The software helps the user with all tedious calculations for buildings, hospitals, substations, etc.

    • Axis India web project has 2 panels

      • Main website

      • Admin panel.

    • Web application is divided into 5 main modules

      • Risk Assessment Module

      • SPD Selection

      • Separation Distance Calculation

      • Air Termination Planner

      • Earth Rod Configuration 

The Challenges:

    • Calculation mismatch and retesting values.

    • No proper functionality for Help navigation even when the software was live

    • Unavailability of proper project guide document

    • Data could not be saved when the user moved to the next step without manually saving it.

Casestudy Challeng

The Approach

  • New functionality for Help navigation added after software is made live.

  • Integration of Help Tutorials in each module to make the application easy to understand for new users.

  • Detailed description of each module displayed on the first page of every module.

  • For every module detailed reports are present to help customers get exact values.

  • Risk before protection and risk after protection is displayed in the form of a report.

  • Calculations are done for 3 types of structures:

    • Simple

    • Building with high point

    • Complex 

  • In Separation Distance, based on inputs entered from the user, a 3D image is generated and displayed to the user.

Case Study

From the Client

Your teammates are well coordinated.
Always solve issues on priority. Very well.
Anita Kekant
Axis India

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