MIBL or Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd finds the right insurance plan as per your needs. MIBL MBank is a repository of all creatives of MIBL.


The Project:

    • In MBank, there are various roles as - Super Admin, Admin, Marketing user, and Normal user.
    • As per the roles, data is displayed to the logged-in user.
    • Super Admin can assign roles to users and Activate / Inactivate them.
    • There are separate logins for vendors from where they can upload creatives, and send them for approval.
    • After creatives are approved, they are directly saved in the database.

The Challenges:

    • No flipbook functionality.
    • Social handles not connected to the website.
    • Frequent updates in the website.
Casestudy Challeng

The Approach

  • New reports for creatives are created after the project is made live
  • New flipbook functionality has been introduced
  • New functionality for share link is added after the website is made live
  • Extra time for testing has been given with revised deadlines as per the changes
Case Study

Our Examples:


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